At Xtreme Communications We can repair and unlock most mobile phones in the market today. There are new phones coming out almost weekly and we make sure we stay on top of this to be able to have the most updated supply of parts and services in all our stores within days of phones being released.

Our stores are able to offer a great service of mobile phone repairs with a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing. We strive to be the best in repairs in NSW and QLD.

We are one of the few who offers Benefits such as

  • Free Assessment for Your Peace of Mind.
  • No Nasty Repair Bills. We will Seek Your Permission, Prior to any Repairs.
  • Best Price & 110% Promise on Quality.
  • Largest Stockist of Mobile Spare Parts in Australia.
  • Your Phone Repaired by a Fully Qualified Technician.
  • We Can Repair Anything Related to Phones.

We offer best prices and service with all repairs such as

  • iPhone Touch Screen Replacement from $40
  • iPod Screen Replacement from $70
  • iPad Screen Replacement from $99
  • Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Other Major Brand Mobile Repairs from $65


We take all steps to store your personal information securely. We want you to feel confident in dealing with us on the day and continue with us and your friends if any more repairs do happen to come up. For many companies this is areas which most do not take into consideration and not take this matter seriously.

For a No Obligation Quote & Free Consultation. Call Your Nearest Store Now or Email Us.

We also offer complicated component replacement such as Liquid damage and Physical damage. We are constantly upgrading our mobile phone unlocking systems – this means we can unlock the latest phones.

We also make sure we get the best possible quality in part replacements to ensure our service is backed up with quality to match our service when repairing phones. We believe this is the most important area of repairing phones as you want to make sure the repaired part last the duration of the time you have your phone.
Our turnaround time will depend on the type of repair and of course the type of phone. We try to stick to a 1-4 working days base for most common repairs with some possibly going out to a week. We keep in contact with the customer at all times to ensure the customer knows exactly what is going on and is fully informed. We also offer our in store repair service which we have technicians working in store to provide and on the spot repair or quote to make you feel comfortable that you’re talking to an experienced technician, and not just another sales person.

What are you waiting for? We have a NO BS 110% Quality Guarantee like No Other in Town!

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