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Hands-free and Headphones

Choosing the right headphone may sound like an easy task, but nowadays there are just so many options to choose from. From on-ear, over-ear, in-ear; choices are just countless. And then comes the matter of sound quality, which in itself is highly subjective. The overall comfort, and convenience is also a determinant. The most important factor, however, is your budget. There is no price ceiling on headphones. Some audiophile gear may even cost more than 100k. That doesn’t mean that you cannot get some quality equipment for much less.


If you are a casual listener, and are just looking for something that will aid in your content consumption, then you may opt for the popular Apple Earpods. It's simple design and ergonomic fit is the safest, no frills option you can get in late 2019. If you are looking for a pair of earphones that will accompany you to the gym, then you may want to look for a water resistant, wireless options like Samsung Galaxy Buds. If superior call quality and clear vocals through mic are your priorities, then you may want to look at the Jabra headset range.


There are three main configurations that headphones come in: In ear, on ear and over the ear. Over the ear headphones are the most suitable option for long listening sessions. In ear are also comfortable, but lack the overall body of sound that over ear headphones offer. On ear headphones are the runt of the bunch. You may want to try them on first before making a purchase. On ear headphones one offer a proper seal, and like the name suggests, they just sit on top of your ears.  


Headphones and sound equipment are following an upward trend in their prices, which is also true about other mobile gadgets. But unlike other gadgets, there is no said limit for the most expensive pair of headphones that you can get. The price will mainly depend on factors like sound quality, extra features, make materials, and of course, brand name. Wireless earphones tend to be a bit more expensive than wired ones.

Sound Quality

Sound quality should be the discerning factor for someone who is looking to buy a new pair of headphones. There is a huge market for wireless headphones and earphones, but they aren’t as precise as the wired counterpart in terms of sound. Wired headphones don’t need any audio compression, and provide the sound right from the source. In a nutshell, wired audio gear is always better than wireless, but the introduction of new codecs and advancements in Bluetooth have made the competition a lot more comparable.


In 2019, most flagship phones didn’t offer a headphone jack. This trend is only likely to grow. Bluetooth, however, is present in almost every modern smartphone. In terms of connection, there are two options. Wired or wireless. Wired earphones will give you the best sound, but lack the convenience of the wireless earphones.

Bluetooth and radio frequency are the two popular choices when it comes to wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones are much more power efficient, but lack the range compared to radio frequency driven wireless counterparts.

 Once considered a concept that belonged in some sci-fi movies, truly wireless earphones are the embodiment of how far mobile technology has risen. There are ample of TWS earphones out there from which you can choose the one that fits you the best. Apple Airpods and the Samsung Galaxy Buds are two of the most popular choices, and offer a complete package in terms of sound, battery life and connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Buds


Design wise, Galaxy buds feature a barebone, yet attractive design that will be liked by almost everyone. Unlike Apple Airpods, Galaxy buds are in-ear earphones. This means that they offer a much tighter seal and isolation from external noise. The fit is comfortable and you can also wear them in the gym thanks to its water and dust resistant design.


The sound from the Samsung galaxy buds features a V-shaped frequency range, which means that the sound from these buds puts a lot more emphasis on the bass and treble. The overall sound is full bodies, and packs  a punchy bass thanks to its in-ear design. Overall, the sound is suitable for almost all kinds of music genres.


Connecting Galaxy buds to your device is fairly easy, thanks to the addition of Bluetooth 5.0. If you have a Samsung smart phone, then you only need to open the charging case of the buds to pair them. 


Samsung Galaxy Buds have capacitive touch controls on each of the two buds. The controls are intuitive and respond well. It may take some time getting used to the touch controls.

 Battery & Charging

Each of the Galaxy Buds have 58mAh battery inside. The charging case also comes equipped with a 252mAh battery. There is a USB-C charging slot on the back of the charging case, but you can also charge via a wireless charger. In terms of battery life, the Galaxy buds have 6 hours of playback time, and an additional 7 hours via the charging case.