Screen Replacement vs Screen Repair - What Do You Need?

Is your phone screen damaged? If the answer is YES, you immediately have a new to-do on the list. You perhaps sat down while the device was in the pocket, or dropped it in while walking, or could be anything. All of us have been through the situation when the tablet or smartphone screen is broken. But an important to question to answer when your screen is damaged is determine the extent of the damage.

How To Fix A Cracked iPhone or iPad Screen?

Your iPad or iPhone has a cracked screen and you want to get it fixed. It can be difficult to know the screen repair options or which is best for you. The obvious question you wish to ask yourself is: How broken is the screen? Is it a single hairline crack? Are there many cracks? Is the screen completely shattered? If the damage is minor, a trip to the Apple Store may prove to be futile. Apple doesn’t cover the physical damage and charge a service fee.

5 Smart Ways For Your Smartphone Survival!

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives and have changed the way society does business, and so much more making it important to extend longevity. Instead of wasting your money by upgrading annually or paying a monthly rental fee, it is wise to pay close attention to the best practices for extending the life of your smartphone.

Phone Repair with Xtreme!

It is very natural to get attached to your mobile phones, and here we are talking about the smartphone device owners. The owners feel a special connection with the mobile phones which often becomes disturbing with a single scratch on the phone’s screen. Have you been in such a heartbreaking situation when you needed phone repair or screen repair? 

4 Mobile Repair Myths

With an increasing number of mobile phone users, it has become common to hear various myths about broken cell phones and cell phone repair. When your phone breaks, the first thing you might do is resort to the reading, hearing and believing one of these many myths. So, we at Xtreme debunk top four mobile repair myths.

iPhone XR - Apple's 'best-selling' Phone

Apple has launched an assortment of sophisticated, advanced and up to date models lately. The iPhone X series has witnessed several inclusions to this line where the phones are added to catch the attention of the iPhone users worldwide. According to the reports, the feedback for the new series has been applauding and the iPhone us

How to backup your iPhone data?

While advancements in technology has been a boon for all of us, we all know sometimes it fails us. Whether you are a newcomer to technology or a seasoned professional, the safety and security of the device should always be on your mind. The idea of backing up the date and keeping it backed may seem like a daunting task. However, others may simply look at the best way to perform their backups. Anything can happen to your phone.

The benefits of tempered screen protectors

With the high cost of smartphones, many owners feel it is important to protect the value of their phone. Since a cell phone’s glass screen is one of the most vulnerable areas, it makes sense to protect it from dust, scratches and debris. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a single mobile device just to have the screen scratched, replaced or broken when they accidentally drop the phone.

Top 5 effective ways to reduce mobile waste!

It’s no secret electronic waste is a growing concern across the globe. Electronic waste, also referred to as e-waste, is discarded electrical devices which lead to adverse human and environment damage due to improper disposal and processing of this waste. It’s extremely important to increase awareness about it’s environmental impacts.

Is your gadget acting up? Try rebooting!

Are you facing issues with your Android device? A quick reboot or restarts can solve the processes which have ended abnormally or gone amiss. It can fix freezing apps or crashing of the device. A common myth is that our device powers down when we press the power button but it only puts the device into the sleep mode.

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