5G Technology Overview

One of the most talked about highlights from the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2016 held in Barcelona, Spain is the 5G or fifth generation wireless systems which would definitely change the way we perceive and do things in the future. With 4G barely reaching the majority of the world’s present mobile technologies, multiple tests on the 5G network has been showing a lot of promises.

Mi5: Xiaomi’s Debut to the Global Market

Xiaomi, a Chinese-based based technology company, recently showcased its flagship phone Mi 5 in their first ever international appearance during the 2016 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. Despite being new to the international scene, Xiaomi is expected to brighten up the competition against the rivals and mobile phone veterans Apple, Samsung, and LG.

What to Expect in the Samsung Galaxy S7

With only a few days before the grand launch of Samsung’s latest flagship phablet set, we are getting a clearer picture of what exactly the features and specifications of these long-awaited phones will be. 

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The fourth generation of Microsoft’s signature line named Surface Pro was already released late last year in the United States but it was only a few months after when the tablet-laptop hybrid became available to other countries including Australia. What’s noticeable in the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is that it has undergone a total upgrade compared to its predecessor; from the design to the software, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is simply the model of futuristic laptops.

Samsung Galaxy S7: The Latest News

Barely three weeks into the unveiling of Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we have already come up with a nice compilation of features that we expect to see in these top-line phones. Here are some of the highlights of two of the highly-anticipated smartphones of 2016:

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