The Latest Rumours and Leaks on LG's G5

If you think that it would be a long silence for LG after the tech giant released its  V10 smartphone last October 2015, then you are totally wrong. Another powerful and high-end smartphone is already in the works inside the LG laboratories.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016: Resurgence of Finesse and Power

Samsung has recently launched the improved Galaxy A series, arguably one of the hottest set of smartphones early into the first few weeks of 2016. The A series features three budget-friendly smartphones, namely A3, A5 and A7, which are designed to fit the preferences of youth-driven consumers. The A series smartphones share the same fashionable style with Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S6 Edge, from the sophisticated curves to the lustrous glass borders.

TipTalk: Samsung’s Early Surprise for 2016

Say hello to TipTalk, an intriguingly interesting smartphone accessory from Samsung. According to an excerpt from the Get Smart handbook, TipTalk allows a user to access audio by sticking a finger in the ear and the microphone by speaking onto their wrist.

iPhone 7: The Next Big Thing - Part 2

For the last segment of our two-part summer series of the latest iPhone 7 sneak-peeks and rumors, we will explore more in-depth into the camera, connections and components of what’s dubbed to be the “Next Big Thing” of 2016.

iPhone 7: The Next Big Thing - Part 1

With 2015 slowly coming to a close, most will probably agree if we place Apple among the biggest technology companies in terms of bringing innovation not only to smartphones but to other forms of technology.

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