Nokia Looking for New Partnership in Smartphone Comeback

Nokia has once dominated the world of cellular phones until the emergence of smartphones in the past few years or so. Its recent partnerships with Microsoft may have not worked well as planned.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Reported Features

More and more updates are continuously arriving a few weeks before the unofficial release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 this August. Based on the previous reports, Samsung’s phablet flagship is set to be unveiled together with an Edge version.

Cool Winter-Proof Gadgets and Accessories this Season

Winter season in the southern hemisphere is almost at its peak! Australia being a huge chunk of land thousands of kilometres across, offers a number of exhilarating outdoor adventures from one coast to another.

Finally! Microsoft Launches Office for Android

Good news to all Android users out there! Microsoft has just recently announced the release of the ever reliable and versatile Office applications that are designed and optimized to work perfectly with the Android operating system.

Affordable iPhone Alternatives

Arguably, Apple’s iPhone is one the most powerful and stylish smartphones out there. But there is one downside, not everybody is willing to pay the price for this hi-tech device. Not everyone can bear spending $1,000 for an iPhone, especially when they get tempted to always buy newer versions that are continually released.

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