Waking up to a smashed screen or damaged device? What’s the best option – fix it on your own or buy a new one? Let Xtreme Communications help you make informed decisions. As one of the leading smartphone specialists in Australia, no repair is beyond us. We are obligated to share a few considerations that you should make before trying to self-repair your dysfunctional gadget.

Understand the risks:

Samsung tablet screen repair is troublesome and risky when done at home. The repair involves sharp-edged tools and electronic components that can injure you. In lack of knowhow and precision, you might damage the gadget beyond repair. When this happens, you are forced to spend on buying a new gadget, and the risk of loosing all your data looms large. Plus, once the device is opened, the warranty is void, which will prevent you from claiming insurance for the damage. The bottom line is to avoid self-repair unless all other options are exhausted.

It's hard to get the replacement parts:

Now that you persist with self-repairing the gadget, next on your to-do list is to find the right replacement parts. It’s a challenge for an average person to get original replacement parts at any brick-and-mortar store. So, try online stores that stock and sell OEM and aftermarket parts. Here too, finding an individual component is no cake-walk. The best option is to find a damaged unit on eBay and carefully extract the desired part from it. However, it’s easier said than done.

Get your tools ready:

As soon as the parts arrive, get the desired set of tools ready for the DIY project. While most gadgets can be opened with regular screwdrivers, Apple gadgets require a special screwdriver. The market is full with multi-utility screwdrivers, featuring tri-wing, hex, and nut driver bits. Buy one of these to be prepared for anything that you might find inside the gadget. Also look for a few specialized tools like spudgers, tweezers and more to loosen the gadget’s outer case.

Get the workspace ready:

A well prepared, organized work space will not only add convenience to the Samsung tablet repair DIY project but speed it up as well. Choose a spacious work space and make it clear of any liquids that might spill and cause irreparable damage to the already dysfunctional device. Keep a small box ready to hold all your screws and components that you’ll be removing to open the device. Include an antistatic mat in your scheme of things to avoid electrostatic discharge.