Apple being unique and an expert in the industry have built their products by doing thorough research. Well, that’s what Apple product users expect while purchasing through offline or online platforms. Attaching an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen of 5.8 inches is no small thing to achieve. An OLED screen is technology-savvy. The built-in quality is made so intact that using a screen protector can be seen as winning a double lottery.

Screen protector’s main goal is to keep the screen of the mobile safe. Screen protectors available in the market come of multiplicity quality. Some screen protectors are made up of modified plastic or foil while some are made from glass. Ideally, a screen protector on the iPhone XS screen should be sufficient enough from any crack or scratch.

But there’s a catch. For you to avoid getting your iPhone XS screen repaired, you will have to go one step ahead. Besides attaching a screen protector, the smartphone also should be kept away from slipping from hands or dropping from a table, etc.

Here are some benefits of using a screen protector:

  • The screen protector foils the dust particles on it.
  • The protector helps in avoiding the screen get damaged due to water.
  • The user may experience reduced glare on the eyes.
  • It might add a classy look to the smartphone.
  • Adding a screen protector may be invulnerable to fingerprints.

Gorilla Glass not enough for Smartphone’s Display Screen?

x`Gorilla glass has been getting upgraded with time and technology. Theoretically speaking, a Gorilla Glass 5 on an iPhone XS should be enough. But in reality, there exist exceptions. To avoid going to a mobile repair facility, experts in mobile repair suggest using a screen protector also. The smartphone screens getting built from Gorilla glass makes it pretty hard to have a crack or even a scratch on the screen.

An iPhone user using and keeping his/her smartphone with appropriate care may not have to visit a repairing facility store to get an iPhone XS screen get repaired.

A scenario of a smartphone dropping from a height (3rd floor of a building) could be considered as an extreme scenario where the screen may get a crack. If the phone happens to be an iPhone XS, then an iPhone XS screen replacement would surely be required. One should keep in mind to only visit a professional for having iPhone XS screen repaired or getting screen replacement done. We (Xtreme Communications) are among the few professionals in the industry. Our people know the inside-out of the working of mobile phones making us resolve the issue differently and accurately.

Using a screen protector or a screen guard makes the display screen become less vulnerable to scratches or cracks? Some say using a high-end protector screen will help make the display screen turn stronger. While there are few individuals who think even adding a premium screen guard, it might still get a crack.

If you don’t want to visit an electronic device repairing store quite often, it's better to come and visit us (Xtreme Communications), as we are among a few experienced professionals in Australia. We have been fixing iOS run iPhone XS and predecessors since 2007. Visiting us will make your day as we will certainly fix the issue/s related to screen in the phone allowing you to use it like you had purchased yesterday only.