A list of things to do as suggested by experts of Xtreme Communication after OPPO phone repair:

  • Have a talk with the repairer for advice in short-term and long-term as well - Be rest assured. Walk-in to a professional repair store like Xtreme and your issue will get resolved.
  • Have a small soft cloth every time by your side to clean the phone at any time during the day - doing so will make your device run like a newly purchased electronic device. Dust particles getting collected as heap gradually makes the phone susceptible to phone repair.
  • Purchase a mobile cover so that the extreme case of screen replacement doesn’t arise - handling and taking care of a repaired phone screen should be done with even more delicacy and care. After getting repaired is the time when the threshold is pretty low for the phone to get broken again.
  • Try and avoid using the phone directly under sunlight. Sunrays have a pretty high dose of wavelengths which if gets in-contact with display screen could harm the screen. Using the smartphone after protecting it with screen guard will help the harm get reduced.
  • Small subtle steps make a task become successful or a failure. Similarly, a small crack on the screen may not look so big, but in time may become hugely problematic. So better make it get fixed.
  • The screen technology has advanced and hence needs appropriate handling. Applying pressure on the screen while using the smartphone may decrease the touch sensitivity. With time, it may affect the overall performance of the device.
  • Avoid putting the phone on the edge of a table/shelf/chair etc.
  • Better to use the smartphone after cleaning the hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Using the mobile phone with oily hands after eating or drinking may make the touch sense become less touch compatible.
  • Every alternate day, take off the mobile cover and clean the smartphone. Whether one uses the device while running, driving, working etc, dust particles do get stuck. Cleaning it on weekends may help in the long run.
  • Avoid putting the smartphone in the same pocket where sharp things like keys are kept. Doing so will avoid having small scratches.

OPPO, a decade-old company which started launching smartphones in 2008 has become one of the most purchased smartphones all across the world. It's a subsidiary of the firm BBK Electronics which was founded in 1995. OPPO phones are catching up and becoming one of the pioneers in the camera, display screen, sensors and gaming vertical as well. Like some of its competitors, it runs on a unique operating system (OS) ColorOS based on Android.

Smartphones coming with such huge display screens, its screen repair or replacement becomes as much delicate and complicated to resolve it. For someone using OPPO smartphone and for whom the only option left is getting an OPPO screen replacement, it might turn out to be a little complex. One cannot say it for sure as a whole lot of internal and external factors come into consideration.

Hope you find the above information useful and beneficial.