Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 are breakthrough gadgets in performance, build quality, display and camera but they are not perfect. Every so often, Galaxy S7 and S8 owners across Australia turn up at Xtreme with moderate and serious screen issues and we are happy to help navigate them speedily, efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s what makes us a cut above the rest. Populated below is a list of the most common screen issues presented to us by Galaxy S7 and S8 owners.

Colour Issues:

Customers coming for Samsung S7 edge screen repair often report of the colour anomaly, typically the appearance of a reddish shade on the screen. That’s not a hardware issue but a minor software glitch, which can be remedied in a few simple steps. Here’s how.

  • Hit the Settings button
  • Head over to the Display menu
  • Go to the Screen Mode
  • Opt for a new colour mode

Alternatively, opt for the 5th Colour Balance feature to optimize hues and tone and get rid of the red tint. However, if the problem persists, head straight to us for in-time, on-budget repairs.

Screen Resolution Issues:

Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8 must have captivated your imagination with a Quad-HD display, which outdoes the majority of 1080p HD television units available in the market. However, the default setting is 1080p HD to drive optimal performance and increase battery life. People often complain about not being able to access the full Quad-HD to which they paid for. That’s easy if you:

  • Hit the Settings Menu
  • Head over to the Display section
  • Go to Screen Resolution button
  • Slide the bar until it reaches far right

The Green Screen of Death:

The instances where the screen turns green and stays green are a common sight. The issue usually crops up when the “Always On” screen feature is enabled but it can happen even when the device is locked. If this resonates with you, it’s time for Samsung S8 screen replacement. However, the Green Screen of Death can be temporarily fixed by resetting the device. Try pressing the Power button for a minute but if it doesn’t help, contact us for the best solution.

Low Touch screen Sensitivity:  

Low touch sensitivity in certain screen areas is yet another issue often surfacing across Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 variants. Here, the screen often goes unresponsive to your taps and touches. Thankfully, there’s a Touch Screen Sensitivity feature that can help resolve the issue. Here’ how.     

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap on Advanced Features
  • Head to Touch Sensitivity menu
  • Adjust the touch screen sensitivity to your needs