Almost everyone has been in a situation with a broken Smartphone or tablet. As per many factors, you have to decide whether to repair the phone or replace it.

This decision needs to be taken immediately, as Smartphones are indispensable nowadays. Many people can’t spend even minutes without checking their Smartphone, for virtually everything – from important messages to online payments – are done through these devices.

Given the significance of this decision, we have mentioned a few tips on whether to repair or replace your device.

Does a new mobile mean a better product?

If you replace your mobile with a better one, it will be worth the investment. But buying a new device doesn’t always mean getting a better product.

For example, many new Smartphones have larger screens that you don’t like or are heavier than older versions. Maybe a new device drains more battery than your old one or has bad picture quality. There are also many other reasons to prove that new is not always better.

Consider repair cost vs. replacement cost

If you are confused between Oppo phone repair and replacement, you have to decide based on a comparison between its repair cost and replacement cost.

A damaged device repair can be costly, depending on which mobile part needs repair. A heavily damaged phone will cost more for repair than minor repairs.

In some cases, the mobile device becomes too old and you, anyway, want to get rid of it. So, you choose to get a new one.

Don’t make assumptions. Just write down the facts and see which solution works for you.

Time Consideration

Find out how much time will it take for your Oppo screen replacement or else buy a new device. Also, think of how much time would it take to set up new apps and change settings of your new phone.

If a mobile repair will be a quick one on the spot within 30 minutes, go ahead to fix it. In general, repairing a phone is a money-saving and more efficient option. Some fixes are even cheaper than buying a new Smartphone.

For instance, XtremeOnline offers easy screen fixes and replacements at reasonable prices that are very less than the rates of new Smartphones. Their repairs are also very quick, as they know how important your phone is to you. Moreover, their professionals recover all the data.