No matter how much we love our Smartphones or take care of them, they are vulnerable to many software or online security threats. Here are some of the biggest threats to electronic devices that you must be aware of:

1. Data Leakage

Many mobile applications may cause unintentional data leakage. Usually, “riskware” apps cause the problem to mobile users, who give permissions to them to use personal information. Therefore, only install trusted mobile apps and don’t allow them to access your personal information.

2. Unsecured Wi-Fi

Everyone likes to use free Wi-Fi networks. But most of these networks are unsecured. Reportedly, most PayPal accounts, social media and VoIP conversations are at risk when using unsecured Wi-Fi. So, only use secured Wi-Fi networks and don’t be in a hurry to use free Wi-Fi, as it may put your phone at risk.

3. Network Spoofing

Network spoofing is a term when hackers create fake access points or connections that look similar to real Wi-Fi networks. This usually happens in high-traffic public spots like libraries, coffee shops and airports. Therefore, it’s best to not rush for a free Wi-Fi network, as you might be a target to network spoofing. Try to use your cellular data when in public locations. This will keep your data and electronic device safe from hackers.

4. Spyware

According to an online study, many Smartphone users worry about malware sent to their mobiles by international cybercriminals as a key threat to their device. But in most cases, it’s the spyware installed by co-workers, spouses or employers (to keep track of your pattern and whereabouts) that causes the major damage. This may leak your location and personal information to spyware user or hacker. To prevent the situation, download an antivirus or malware detection suite to eliminate any risk.

5. Repair Store

Do you know unprofessional repair stores can access your information? You may be seeking Samsung screen replacement and give your device to the repair workers in a store. But you may fall victim to data theft, as some unprofessional repair stores may access your data or payment information.
Therefore, you must only trust the professional repair stores like Xtreme Online for your Samsung screen repair or other mobile-related services.

6. Improper Session Handling

For ease of access to mobile device transactions, many phone apps enable users to take multiple actions without undergoing re-authentication identity. But this can be dangerous to your security or bank account information. Therefore, never set ease of access transaction options on different apps.
Since electronic device threats are increasing in number, users must be prepared for next-generation anti-threat options to eliminate the risk of any malicious activity.