Smartphone display is an important part of a mobile device. This is because the display screen helps users to interact with the integrated software and to do various things on a phone.
Today, advanced technology has led to the creation of various flexible mobile screens. Here are a few mobile screen types found in Smartphones in the market:

1. TFT LCD – (Thin Film Transistor Technology)

TFT LCD mobile screens are the most common display units found in many mobile devices. This screen provides good image quality and also higher resolutions in comparison to earlier generation LED mobile screens. These are also easy to find in the market for phone screen repair.

2. Capacitive Touchscreen LCD

Capacitive touchscreen features layers of glass laces in a transparent conductor. When touched by your finger, an interruption is generated in the mobile screen, leading to an electrostatic field. This electrostatic field is detected by a Smartphone’s chip or processor to instruct the device’s operating system for triggering an action or event accordingly.

3. IPS-LCD – (In-Place Switching)

IPS LCD mobile screen is a higher level of TFT LCDs, offering lower power consumption and wider viewing angles. However, these screens are costlier for mobile repair than the normal TFT LCD. Hence, these are available only at high-end mobile repair stores. The higher resolution IPS LCD is usually found in Apple iPhone with Retina Display for brilliant picture quality.

4. OLED – (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

OLED mobile screen is a result of the advanced technology for creating displays of mobiles and computers. These screens are made from an organic material that’s placed in-between two conducting sheets (a cathode and an anode), which are also placed between glass top plates and a glass-bottom plate. An electric impulse passes between the two conducting sheets to produce electro-luminescent light from this organic material lying in-between the sheets.

5. AMOLED – (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

The AMOLED display is a different type of OLED mobile screen for Smartphones that are gaining rapid popularity today. The AMOLED screens are created to boast brilliant color reproduction on screen, has a good battery life and provides better brightness.

6. Super AMOLED displays

Super AMOLED displays are the next level of AMOLED displays. These are developed majorly by Samsung. Super AMOLED is manufactured with touch sensors placed on the mobile screen, as opposed to creating a sensitive touch layer. These are used to make the thinnest mobile displays. Super AMOLED mobile screens are currently present in Samsung Smartphones.

How to choose a mobile screen for your phone screen repair?

You can select a mobile repair screen depending on your Smartphone. While TFT LCDs are used on maximum Smartphones, AMOLED display and IPS LCDs are designed specifically for Samsung and Apple devices respectively. Therefore, only ask the mobile repair expert to suggest you the best mobile display for your Smartphone.