Undoubtedly, iPhones rule the mobile phone world. Durability and better operating system are some of the reasons why people draw towards Apple devices, which are expensive but totally worth every penny. However, just like any other electronic device, iPhones are also susceptible to wear and tear, hardware damages, and OS breakdown. No matter it’s a small issue or a big problem, you must only get it repaired by the professionals, not yourself.  

Pick Authorized iPhone Repair Specialists

While you may feel capable enough to repair some of the iPhone related problems, it is best to contact professional iPhone repair specialists instead of doing it yourself. These specialists are fully-trained professionals expert in handling different issues, ranging from minor iPhone repair to iPhone 8 screen replacement.

Many authorized iPhone repair centers around the world offer professional repair maintenance services without tampering with the original iPhone hardware. But you still need to do proper research about the quality of services offered by a mobile repair center.

Why choose Xtreme for iPhone Repair Service?

Our qualified iPhone repair specialists have all the knowledge – from iPad repair to iPhone screen replacement. They understand a problem related to an iPhone or iPad better than anyone else and fix it quickly and efficiently. From damaged iPhone screen to battery replacement, professionals at Xtreme have you covered. They work with special diagnostic tools to fix iOS related issues. They only use authentic tools for diagnosing the device while offering smoother and faster repair/replacement services.

Common iPhone/iPad Problems

1. iPhone has smashed, cracked, or scratches

If there are scratches on your iPhone screen, you certainly need to take it to the professional center for iPhone 7 screen repair. The experts will remove the scratches by applying some scratch removal creams and fix the issue within no time. These professionals know exactly how much pressure to apply on the screen while repairing so that there’s no further damage.

In case, the screen is cracked or broken and affecting the functionality of the phone, professionals are likely to suggest iPhone 7 screen replacement to ensure quick and smooth navigation.

2. Battery not charging or lasting long

Even for battery issues like not charging or battery dying soon after charging, you need to go to a professional repair center. Many charging issues are due to the cable so you may check the cable first. You need to look for any signs of scratches, damage, fraying, etc. on the charging cable or the socket. If it’s still not working, try to reset the device once. If that doesn’t work either, you must contact an expert to resolve the issue.

3. Water damage

Another common complaint that many repair centers get is that the customer has dropped their iPhone in a fish tank, toilet, river, or bucket accidentally. Unless it is iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X, which are water-resistant, the mistake may affect the device badly. First of all, switch off the iPhone and bring it to the repair center to check the level of damage caused to the device. It may take a few hours to a couple of days to get your device repaired. But trusting experts will surely give you a better result.  

4. Ask about Warranty

Despite how professional a technician is, you need to ask them about the warranty before they begin the repair work. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry in case any issues occur during your iPhone X screen repair. Generally, professional iPhone repair centers like Xtreme offer a warranty on iPhone repair.  

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