What to keep in your phone repair toolkit?

If you have never damaged your smartphone, you are probably amongst the very few lucky ones. While screen protectors and phone cases play a major role as a safety barrier, sometimes they are just not enough to keep the phone intact. If you do not wish to visit a repair center, you can fix your phone with the right supplier in the repair toolkit.

Looking for OPPO Screen Replacement? Xtreme at your rescue!

OPPO is one of the world’s largest smartphone brands and have been gaining popularity in Australia since the time it was launched in 2014. The brand is ahead of the mark when it comes to announcing new device features and capabilities. It continues to be at the forefront of mobile photography evolution with its stealth 3D cameras.

iPad repair - Your one-stop solution for all touch screen breakdowns!

Tablets are expensive pieces – so dropping one can be a costly mistake. But with a bit of research and by following our tips, apple ipad repair may not cost you as much as you think. Read on to find out more. Assess the damage The first thing to do is to examine the crack. If it’s small, you may be happy to live it, but if the screen is totally destroyed and you cannot see it properly...

All About Smartphone Screen Protectors

Worried about your smartphone’s screen getting scratched at any moment? Or worried about accidentally dropping your phone? Whatever it is, you don’t want to run for your samsung screen replacement or iPhone repair. Smartphones are expensive and you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on phone screen repair.

Why you should visit a professional to fix your phone? Know with Xtreme!

Accidents can happen to any of us. A broken phone is something all of us have dealt with or have to deal with at some point. A broken phone can cause massive inconvenience, especially when you rely on the smartphone for so many of the daily tasks. Smartphones connect us with the rest of the world and being without this lifeline can be a hassle.

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