Meizu Pro 7 Plus 4G Dual SIM 64GB 5.7" Screen Black

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  • Camera - Dual-camera for amazing shots
    The dual-camera, which looks stunning when seen for the first time, gives the PRO 7 Plus enhanced night image quality, richer detail, and an all-new blurring mode, so that each shot is a work of art.
  • Design - Breathtaking beauty
    Meizu's design concept and pursuit of perfection can be seen throughout the highly-detailed brushed texture1, the enhanced edge processing of the antenna, and the new sensor and receiver design. We have refined the essence of existing products with breathtaking and elaborate detail.
  • Screen - Full of detail
    The beauty of the PRO 7 Plus is not just limited to the design, but also extends to the screen. Ultra-high brightness levels and a wide color range guarantee an excellent viewing experience.
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