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Apple iPhones

Apple iPhones

On September 20, 2019, Apple introduced three new iPhones, and it was a good news for anyone who was looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer. The launch event’s highlight was the reasonably priced iPhone 11 which starts at $1,199 in Australia. The other two ‘Pro’ variants, namely iPhone 11 Pro and the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, come in at $1,749 and $1.899 AU respectively.

One glance at the price tags of the new iPhones and you would start to wonder why there is such a big difference between their prices, well it boils down to a few things that the iPhone 11 Pro variants offer over the base variant:

  • Inclusion of an AMOLED display
  • 3rd camera lens(Telephoto)
  • better water protection(4 meters v/s 2 meters)
  • More internal storage(maximum of 512GB)
  • Different back glass panel finish (Frosted v/s glossy)

Design has always been Apple’s strong suit and they have delivered once again with the new iPhones. The three variants of the iPhone 11 are similar in terms of the overall fit and finish, but the addition of a 3rd camera lens on the back, and a frosted glass finish helps to differentiate the the pro variants from the standard iPhone 11. Thankfully, there is no difference in performance thanks to the A13 bionic chip and 4GB RAM, which all three of them have.

However, the main difference that will affect daily usage is the AMOLED display that is used on the Pro variants, which is superior to the LCD panel used on the basic iPhone 11. The size of the display is also different amongst the three:

Regardless of the variants, the display has rounded corners and a notch at the top, which houses the sensors for the Face ID unlock.

In terms of the camera performance, iPhone 11 performs just like its beefier siblings, but lacks the telephoto lens for the 2x optical zoom. Apart from that, the colour reproduction, dynamic range and the overall details of the captured images are same for the three variants. All three 2019 iPhone models also feature much improved night mode that is added via the latest IOS 13, which is available right out of the box.

In case you do want to opt for a carrier specific model, then going forward with an iPhone 11 outright or the iPhone 11 pro outright is the better choice as you will end up saving a whole lot of money, but the savings will depend on which carrier and data plan you opt for.

Past that, the pricing will ultimately depend on your decision to buy an iPhone with or without a network carrier plan. If you are an avid traveller, then it is better to opt for whitelisted variants such as the iPhone 11 unlocked, iPhone 11 pro unlocked, or the iPhone 11Pro Max unlocked.