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Refurbished Handset

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Refurbished Phone

The term refurbished may mean a lot of things, but broken isn’t one of them. Similarly, Refurbished phones are not broken or used devices. Refurbished and used phones aren’t the same. Refurbished phones may have previous owners but they do not have any signs of being used. They are restored back to the state they were first bought, which evidently puts them closer to new phones than used phones. Many refurbished phones also come with a warranty & guarantee.

Following are some sources of refurbished phones:

  • Returned devices that may have a glitch but somehow passed through the thorough quality tests at the manufacturing plant. For example, in an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus assembly line a few devices may have some defects, but somehow get shipped to the buyer. The buyer after experiencing the detect will return the same phones. The phones will be sent back to the Apple factory or their refurbishment plant and after resolving the issue, the phones will be sold as the iPhone 7 refurbished and iPhone 7 plus refurbished. This is the case with majority of the refurbished phones. 
  • A new phones that was bought via online outlets but were sent back due to some problem at the buyer’s end. For Example: Someone buys an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 plus. He/she opens the box of the device, but later choose to return it because of some reason. After collection, the returned devices will go to the refurbishment facility and after through checks and repairs, they may be sold as iPhone 8 refurbished or iPhone 8 plus refurbished.
  • A used device that was sold to refurbishing outlets. A pre-owned phone may be directly sold to the refurbishment outlets, and then from there they may be sold as refurbished phones, after thorough checks and repairs.

There are some major differences between a Used and Refurbished phone:

  • Used phones are sold as is. Used phone seller doesn’t go through the trouble of checking the device for all the possible defects. Fixing them is out of the question. Factory refurbished phones on the other hand, are tested by technicians who find all the possible detects in the device, and then fix them.
  • Refurbished phones come with a warranty, while used phones do not. Warranty may vary from seller to seller, but the average period is about 6 months. The main reason for this is because used phones are sent straight from the previous user to the reseller stores. Where as, refurbished phones come from the factory where they undergo the whole refurbishment process.
  • Used phones have much less value when compared to refurbished phones, as they carry all the flaws and defects left by the previous owner. Refurbished phones may have a new scratches or dents
  • Safety is also one of the biggest concerns when it comes to buying a refurbished or a used phone. In terms of used phones, buyers need to be extra careful when they opt for a seller, as there are no warranty & guarantee involved. Refurbished phones are a lot more secure, and are comparable to new phones.
  • Price is also a factor that differentiates used and refurbished phones. Used phones are cheaper than refurbished phones, but also come with a lot of caveats.