Optus Prepaid Sim

In Australia, Optus is a great outlet that provides a great range of sim only mobile plans that pack an impressive amount of data and some seriously worthwhile perks, which are integrated via the integrated Optus app. The base plan already provides users with 10GB of data for only 39 dollars per month on a 12-month plan, and comes with unlimited standard calls and text. It also comes with extra features such as free Apple Music streaming, free subscription to Optus Sport (for live English Premier League and more), and access to National Geographic and its content. If people are looking for a no lock-in option, they can opt for Optus pre-paid SIM kit which comes in at 30 dollars and provides 35GB of data- for the first three recharge cycles. The plan comes with unlimited standard calls, texts and MMS in Australia.

Some features of the Optus’s network plans are:

Apple music streaming service for 6 months without charge
Access to Optus Sport, that provides a twenty four seven football coverage, it is also the only
place to get all the live feed on the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League
Free National Geographic content including documentaries, pictures, blogs, etc
Ability to connect together compatible plans onto a single bill so that the data is pooled and shared through all the available devices
Dedicated Optus app for various purposes such as connecting to Optus service experts, payment of outstanding bills, recharge and usage tracking

Optus is clearly a game changer in the Australian mobile sim industry. It provides various incentives to their new customers, like-
For first three Optus Prepaid data recharges, customers would get 35Gb of data at an unbelievable price of $30.
It also provides upto 200GB of data roll-over so that you don’t lose your data when you recharge before expiry, only Optus will give you this Epic data pack.
Customers can tailor their network plans according to their needs
In addition to Optus add-ons, for every recharge above $30 , customers will also be eligible for free prizes

Optus caters to the needs of the customers and makes sure that they meet it in the best and the most affordable way . It is often sited as the second largest network provider in Australia, with a network coverage of around 98%. Its services are available in all the major cities and towns of Australia and data speed is excellent across most of the 4G devices available in the market.

Optus prepaid sim cards:

AUD $10 SIM – includes AUD $10 credit
AUD $30 SIM – includes AUD $30 credit
AUD $40 SIM – includes AUD $40 credit

Optus prepaid Sim plans currently on offer:

My prepaid daily- AUD $2 a day- 500MB data, unlimited local voice calls and text.
My prepaid long expiry- Data is charged for 5c per MB. AUD$5 provides 500MB and AUD$10 provides 1.5GB data, both valid for 14 days.
My prepaid ultimate- it has various plans under it which you can check out from their official website.

Thus, to conclude; Optus provides a wide range of mobile network plans in Australia, which people can pick and choose from. Its plans range from $2-$300, so there are ample of choices from which people can opt a compatible plan that caters to their particular needs.