Telstra Prepaid Sim

At only 50 dollars per month, Telstra’s Small plan gives you 15 GB of data along with unlimited calls and SMS. One can also extend the pack for unlimited international calls, along with unlimited SMS service for up to 45 coverage areas around Australia on an addition of 10 dollars per month. Telstra is really standing toe-toe in the ring with all the other major networks, and with the imminent integration of 5G, it’s certain that as a network provider, Telstra is looking out for the future.

In terms of data, Telstra prepaid data sim is available in various data caps, its small plan gives 15 GB of
data a month. on arguably one of the fastest available 4g mobile networks in Australia (compatible device required). People who choose Telstra will also get to try out its 5G network for free until June 2020. Telstra also provides enticing phone plans for people who are looking for a new phone along with a new network

If you aren’t looking for a new phone then there are plenty of Telstra prepaid sim plans that you can choose from. A compatible device is required for the connection and it is advisable to check coverage of your handset before getting a sim card.

Here are some features of the Telstra prepaid sim card:

  • Special offer on 5G until June 2020.
  • Telstra now gives users the choice to cancel your plan any time with their no lock-in contract.
  • Sport Streaming for AFL, AFLW, NRL, Netball and much more, which are available live and data-free.
  • Data-free support for music streaming via Apple Music, with access for over 50 million songs, ad-
  • free. Subscription for Apple music is required.
  • Access to free Wi-Fi data at Telstra’s Air hotspots which are available in more than a million locations across Australia.
  • International unlimited calls and SMS to selected countries is available for only $10 per month

Telstra prepaid sim is also available in plus plans:

  • AUD$30 gives 1.5GB, and 1.5GB bonus between 8pm to 8am
  • AUD$40 gives 3GB, and 3GB bonus between 8pm to 8am
  • AUD$50 gives 4GB, and 4GB bonus between 8pm to 8am
  • You can also add additional data for following prices: 1GB for AUD$10, or 2.5GB for AUD$20

Telstra’s Long Life isn’t really for travellers, the focus is more on the longevity of the plan. Beyond Talk focuses on calls and SMS, but has very expensive data rates.

To conclude one has to look at factors such as coverage, network speeds and the over all cost of the pre-paid and postpaid packages that Telstra. Cost of individual plans also vary amongst the three carriers, as Telstra offers plans between two dollars to three hundred dollars.