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iPad is like a right arm for many people, as most individuals spend most of their time on an iPad. So, when an iPad screen is damaged or there’s any internal component malfunction, your daily routine hampers. It won’t be the scenario anymore, for Xtreme carries all types of iPad repair and screen replacement parts to help you get back to your daily routine as quickly as possible.

There is no need to buy a new iPad if your existing one has a few screen cracks or showing dead pixels. We offer you quick iPad repair services at affordable rates. Our technicians work with the best OEM-complaint iPad parts for premium quality iPad screen repair Australia.

To offer top-notch service to potential customers, our experts are well-trained for dealing with iPad or iPad Pro repair and screen replacement services. We follow an extensive verification process and also are committed to offering the best services in the shortest time possible.

In fact, our lead times are the fastest in the industry. Just handover your iPad Pro to us and we will fix it on the spot. Feel free to use the time thus saved productively. We believe that quality and prices should go hand in hand. That’s exactly why we offer competitive prices across all repairs. Plus, several money-saving perks are readily available to help you save big. Booking appointments at Xtreme is easy and quick. Simply fill in the form provided on the right side of the page, and expect an instant confirmation. Once confirmed, visit any of our stores and experience for yourself how Xtreme makes gadget repair hassle-free and rewarding.     

apple ipad pro repair and screen replacement 

Apple iPad Repair

At Xtreme Communications, we offer different types of iPad Pro repair services, such as:

Dead iPad Repair: We can quickly fix the issue if your iPad Pro is not charging with your AC adapter or if there is no signal of life at all.

iPad Screen Repair: If you have a broken or faulty iPad screen, we offer screen repair and replacement services within 60 minutes at our store.

iPad Battery Repair: If your iPad’s battery is draining fast or it’s not able to hold its charge for a long time, it might need replacement. We offer quick iPad battery replacement at an affordable price.

Hardware/ Software Issues: Is your iPad not turning ON or facing any software issues? If so, we can help! Our iPad specialists can help you with quick iPad repair of complex board issues or faults without taking much time.

Apple iPad Screen Replacement

If your iPad has been dropped or bumped hard, it could damage its screen. Usually, the outer screen cracks but, in worst cases, even the inner LCD may also get damaged. You’ll figure out if the LCD screen of the iPad is damaged, as it shows inky spots, blurry pixels or partially black or white images on the screen.

In this case, it’s quite affordable to get iPad Pro screen repair or replacement. At Xtreme, we offer the best quality iPad Pro screen replacement kit that’s thoroughly tested to restore your device just like a new one.

When visiting us for iPad Pro screen replacement, our technicians first disassemble your device, repair any internal damage or completely replace the LCD screen. We understand the importance of iPad in your life and how quickly you want to start using it again. So, you can easily book an appointment with us for new iPad screen repair and replacement. We’ll give you priority on the scheduled time without any delay.

Our best characteristics:

  1. Offer high-quality iPad screen repair Australia

  2. Provide fully-tested, LCD screen replacement kit

  3. Affordable repair and replacement services for iPads

  4. Lifetime warranty

Why choose us as your Apple iPad Repair & Screen Replacement partner?

Xtreme is a trusted iPad repair partner in Australia since 2003. Our stores have professional and dedicated specialists to diagnose and repair all sorts of problems in your Apple iPads.

We are the leading smart device repair and sales service provides in the country. We use our technique and skills to ensure the productivity and maximum service life of your device. Be it an iPad battery replacement issue or anything related to iPad screen repair, our experts are always there to offer you the best customer service.

We offer iPad Pro screen repair services for:

  1. IPad Pro 9.7 repair: We offer the best iPad pro screen replacement service for iPad Pro 9.7. Besides, we help in fixing other performance issues associated with camera, battery, back cover, microphone speakers, and more.

  2. IPad Pro 10.5 repair: Australians also turn to us for iPad Pro 10.5 repairs. We offer support for iPad Pro repair for cracked screens, water damage, non-functional battery, shattered camera, and more issues.

  3. IPad Pro 12.9 repair: Need iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen screen replacement? Nor just screen replacement, we, at Xtreme, are happy to help with other iPad issues like battery draining, charging issues, screen replacement, etc.

FAQs related to iPhone Repair & Screen Replacement Services:

Q1. What does the iPad Pro screen replacement cost?

The iPad Pro screen replacement cost begins at $500 and goes up depending on the iPad model. It also varies according to the quality of the LCD screen you choose. We offer the original and fully tested LCD replacement kits. However, the prices can vary as per the manufacturer, durability and quality of the screen.

Q2. How long does iPad pro screen replacement 10.5’ & 12.9’ take?

iPad pro screen replacement 10.5’ & 12.9’ takes about 60 to 90 minutes. For, it’s more difficult to replace the screen. First, everything is disassembled and then the new screen is installed using replacement tools and adhesive strips onto the frame of the iPad. This must be done by the professionals only.

Q3. What is the iPad Pro damaged screen repair price?

Xtreme charges the reasonable iPad Pro damage screen repair price. Our customers trust us for offering excellent screen repair and replacement services at affordable prices and quick turnaround times. All our products and parts are authentic and quality tested before selling or using in original Apple devices.

Q4. What Apple iPad models do Xtreme repairs?

Xtreme caters to every Apple iPad repair requirements and also offers a warranty on virtually every work. We offer services at competitive prices for repairing different iPads, such as iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9. Australians turn to us to repair their iPad models for cracked screens, non-functional battery, water damage and other issues.

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