In 2018, Samsung launched a high-end flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S9, to keep its market share intact. Though Galaxy S9 received a decent response from the gadget-savvy Aussies for its refined design, display, performance and camera, the device has its share of issues. Let’s run you through the commonest of the Galaxy S9 issues and suggest easy remedial measures.

Low Touch screen Sensitivity:

Every so often, we come across users complaining of low touch sensitivity in certain screen areas. The screen is either late to respond to a touch or doesn’t register the touch at all, leaving the user considering a phone screen repair. To your delight, Samsung incorporates an option to adjust the touch screen sensitivity, which can be utilized to get over the issue. Here’ how.     

  • Hit the “Settings” app
  • Go to “Advanced Features”
  • Tap on the “Touch Sensitivity” menu
  • Adjust the touchscreen sensitivity to your needs

Apps unable to run full screen:

With a bezel-less 18:9 screen, Galaxy S9 allows apps to extract more screen real estate. However, many apps fail to utilize the entire screen and operate on an aspect ratio of 16:9, which impacts video and gaming experience. The issue can be sorted out if you:  

  • Hit the “Settings” app
  • Go to the “Display” section
  • Head to the Full-Screen Apps’ menu
  • Enable the “full-screen mode” for all apps

Charging issues:

Customers coming to us for mobile repair often report of Galaxy S9’s charging issues, usually due to un-enabled “Fast Charging” option. That’s easy to fix if some instructions are followed.

  • Go to the “Settings” app
  • Access “Battery” settings
  • Enable the “Fast Charging” option

Wi-Fi Issues:

Odds are high that Wi-Fi issues with your Galaxy S9 are troubling you. You may be experiencing an unexpected and uncalled for network drop that can be remedied in some simple steps.   

  • Check your router, which is often the root cause of Wi-Fi issues
  • If the issue persists, reset the router
  • In case there’s no relief, re-enter Wi-Fi details in your device

Why Xtreme for Galaxy S9 repairs?

If you are a Galaxy S9 owner facing any issue, it’s time to heed to Xtreme for quick, efficient and affordable solutions. From minor adjustments to Samsung S9 screen replacement and everything in between, we offer complete repair solutions from certified, experienced technicians. We work hard to get your gadget ready in time, so you are never away from the fun.